2 PLY Spilpak Hand Towel 10 x 70M

Autotowel Laminate Paper is a luxurious highly absorbent paper towel for commercial and industrial washrooms.



Laminated Kitchen Towel

Spilpak is a multifunctional paper wipe that can be used in any domestic or professional application for cleaning up liquids & spills. The technology used in Spilpak makes it the most absorbent paper wipe available today.

The innovative splash proof Spilpak Dispenser with a portion control mechanism and wall mount option makes this system one of the most versatile portable wipe solutions. Spilpak Dispensers can be customized with a number of different application brands.


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100m 38gsm 2ply Autotowel Paper, 125m 38gsm 2ply Autotowel Paper, 250m 34gsm 2 ply White Autotowel Paper, 250m 34gsm 2 ply Blue Autotowel Paper, 200m 38gsm 2 ply Super Roll Paper

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